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Radiangames is a one-person independent game developer, founded by Luke Schneider in March 2010 in Urbana, Illinois. Initially, Radiangames released 7 games in 11 months on Xbox Live Indie Games, including Inferno, JoyJoy, and Fireball. The next year, Radiangames transitioned to using Unity and worked on Super Crossfire for iPhone and iPad, to be released through Chillingo in fall of 2011. From there, Super Crossfire and 3 other games were ported to PC, and an additional game (Slydris) was also created. Luke returned to mobile games in 2012, with Fireball, Ballistic, Inferno+, and Slydris releasing on iPhone and iPad. Bombcats was the next big project, with Radiangames partnering with Chillingo for a second time. It released in 2013, but almost brought an end to Radiangames due to its commercial failure.

Quick ports of the previous games to Android, along with a new game (Crush) helped Radiangames keep going. Cartoon Network worked with Radiangames to create Powerpuff Girls: Defenders of Townsville on PC, iOS, and Android in the first half of 2014. Radiangames returned to self-publishing in 2014, with SideSwype, JoyJoy, Fluid SE, Super Crossfighter (Super Crossfire re-released and renamed for legal reasons) releasing on Android, iOS, and Windows Phone. Inferno 2 was released in fall of 2014, and was Radiangames' biggest hit.

Just prior to Inferno 2's release, Luke teamed up with Mike Kulas and Matt Toschlog to start on a spiritual successor to Descent called Overload (Luke's first job in games was working on Descent 3 back in 1997). While taking a break from Overload in 2015, Luke worked on a game called Legend of Gigatron, but it's scope grew too large, so he switched to working on Devastator, which released on iOS in September of 2015. Overload work resumed that fall, with a Kickstarter the next spring, and Overload finally releasing in 2018 on PC, PS4, and (eventually) XB1.

Radiangames returned full-time in the fall of 2018, with the release of Pivotol and Slydris 2 on iOS. Both games (and Devastator) were ported to Android in early 2019, and Scorcher released on iOS and Android in the spring of 2019. Radiangames continues game development, with more projects to be announced soon.

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